Legacy Cloth Collection - Blossom Pond - Slate

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We are bringing "Classic" back! The Legacy Cloth Collection is made with our latest version of our King's Robe cloth. This collection will bring back classic styles with the latest and greatest technology. This style of printing is not the same as our full-color playmats. This playmat features high-quality printing without compromising any fabric softness or thickness. This collection of playmats was designed to be reminiscent of vintage playmats of the past. The purpose of the Legacy Collection is to be a beautiful, minimalistic playmat with soft textures. Each mat is individually hand-made.


  • Slate blue fabric with plum ink
  • Non-fraying Edges
  • Softest Material in the Market
  • Proprietary fabric: King's Robe Material
  • No Stitching on edges
  • Approximately 25 x 25 inches
  • (all mats are uniquely hand-made so no 2 mats will be 100% identical)