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Pharoah's Tomb Mini - 4 Pocket Binder

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Protect your collection inside this pharoah's tomb. Using today's modern technology, the Pharoah's Tomb Binder made possible! With improved formula, the binder was made to outlast any regular binder in the market!


- Proprietary exterior texture material for durability

- Inner page color: indigo

- Premium clear front pages

- 4-pocket per page

- 20 pages in total

- Holds 160 cards

- Easy-glide zipper technology

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Blake Olson

Beautiful binder for a yugiboomer like myself

Lennart Oldach
Amazing product

Wish I could have ordered more when I bought, but with the shipping it got a bit too pricey for me for a first time purchase (I'm from Europe). The binder I got was so extremely premium and even in a cute little box. Totally amazed by the quality and the quick shipping, eventhough it's from the US. Will 100% buy here again!