Minotaur Sleeves

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Color: Frost White

Introducing our new fleet of matte sleeves: Minotaur Sleeves. This is a fresh new formula custom-made for competitive players who want to experience the best protection for tournament level play. Engineered with a matte back to enhance shuffling and durability, Minotaur Sleeves are the ultimate choice for serious gamers.

Daily Special: Buy 3 Minotaur Sleeves or more and get 1 additional pack of Minotaur sleeves for free. Free pack is discounted at checkout. 


  • Front: Crystal Clear PU for pristine visibility
  • Back: Matte Texture Material designed for long-lasting performance
  • Small Card Size (62x89mm)
  • 60 sleeves per pack
  • May come in the mystery box

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Isaac Daniel

Had my doubts about these since Pegasus sleeves aren’t in my top choices of sleeves. These feel amazing to shuffle with crystal clear front. Back catches oil easily on black I’ve noticed but can’t say for pink or white. Wish there were more colors, pink is definitely different than what I expected but the color did grow on me.

Jessie Fox

I bought the Minotaur black they feel good, haven’t used for a long period of time yet. But seem really good

Great Sleeves

Great sleeves, shuffles well, nice finish. These are smooth and have consistent cuts. Would really like to put my whole collection in these so please restock the Frost Whites!

Color: Frost White