Pegasus Sleeves

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15 reviews
Color: Pearl White

It's a horse, it's a unicorn, wait... it's a pegasus!!? Introducing our new fleet of sleeves: Pegasus Sleeves. This is a fresh new formula custom-made for competitive players who want to experience top-tier sleeves. These sleeves offer smooth shuffling and unmatched card clarity. 

Daily Special: Buy 3 Pegasus Sleeves or more and get 1 additional pack of Pegasus sleeves for free. Free pack is discounted at checkout. 


  • Front: Clear, easy-to-shuffle material
  • Back: New ultra-smooth formula V2
  • Size: 62x89mm
  • 60 sleeves per pack
  • May come in the mystery box

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Daniel Fuentes
Great bang for your buck

I’ve been looking for glossy sleeves for a good minute, stumbled upon these and going forward I will be sticking with them.

Edwin Rojas
Amazing quality.

Best sleeves I ever used will be buying more in future.

Jonathan Estrada
So far my favorite sleeve but

I have just ordered these a few days ago so far i could say that the hand shuffle feel and card faning are very good and very glidy and still remain so after a full days of heavy uses and still retain a great slide & glide however there are only 3 nit picks that i have. For one the cards do ride up very often and i would like to see them make the sides of the pocket just a little more slim to tightly fit the card better to stop this issue and the 2nd is the clear front the cleary is very good but it appears to have a little warping when shine on by a light source almost like there is too much of the clear front and it kind of folds on itself causeing the warping look but i am not certain of whats the cause but it does look most prominent with these sleeves. Lastly are the side edges the batch that i got with mine mostly had glue or something on the edges and will like to see a better quality control on that end but it does not effect hand shuffle or card gllide but it does make the deck shuffle feel a little scratchy.

Premium shuffling

These sleeves are great! This has to have the BEST shuffle of any card sleeves I’ve ever owned. However, they are quite smooth and slippery, especially when new. It’s not a big deal though. The color selection is decent. I wish the blue was more deeper/darker.

Erin Medina
Great job

Hey guys I would like to leave this review on your guys pegasus sleeves
I have ordered a couple times and I gotta say these are my new favorite sleeves
Fast shipping and incredible product even the cloth mats
There's just 1 little problem
The sleeves get dirty way too quickly
I've noticed that by opening a fresh pack of sleeves and using them in locals by round 2 they start spot
But that also could be on my end
Other than the slight issue I am grateful I found you guys and hope business is going well
I will be continuing to order from ya'll

Thank you
-Erin Laredo Tx

Color: Pearl White